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CTPI-R Detail

Central Test Personality Inventory-R (CTPI-R) is specifically designed to help you evaluate the managerial potential, behavioural competencies, and leadership skills of managers and CEOs.

CTPI-R analyses 19 personality traits of good managers to give a complete profile of how your leaders think, act, and react to different situations.

Target audience: Executives, managers, and aspiring managers
Questionnaire: 114 questions
Time: 20-25 minutes
Languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Arabic
Training: Certification training
  • Monitors social desirability
  • Managerial Potential Indicator
  • An analysis of thinking and working styles
  • A comparison with 21 behavioural competencies
  • Monitors social desirability
  • Both Tabular and graphic presentation of the profile and the 19 personality traits
  • Profile summary with personalised comments
  • Definitions of each trait provided
  • Matches the candidate’s scores with 21 major workplace competencies
  • Matches the candidate's profile with 4 thinking and working styles
  • Matches the candidate's profile with the competency model of the organisation (on request)