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Reasoning Test-R Detail

The Reasoning Test-R evaluates the cognitive abilities like logical thinking, numerical analysis, verbal communication that is required to perform in a professional environment. It is particularly useful for roles requiring good analytical skills or in a complex work environment.

There is a strong correlation between performance and IQ. However, other factors such as personality, interests, and emotional intelligence should also be considered for a more comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s potential.

The Reasoning Test-R is available in either a full version or a shorter version - R20, which is suitable for non-graduate candidates.

Target groups: Job-seekers, employees and students
Questionnaire: 42 questions
Time: 35 minutes (timed)/20 minutes (short version)
Languages: English, French, Spanish, and German
Key features
  • Evaluates a candidate’s general intelligence (IQ)
  • Uses original and varied questions
  • Provides detailed solutions to the questions (on demand)
  • Available in a shorter format of 20 minutes
  • Scores for overall IQ
  • Scores for logical, numerical, and verbal abilities
  • General description of the evaluated factors
  • Detailed results and test solutions (this feature can be deactivated if required)