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Emotional Intelligence Test Detail

Emotional intelligence, the ability to manage your emotions and adapt to your environment, is essential for improving self-awareness and achieving professional success.

Emotional Intelligence Test 2 provides a reliable score of an individual’s inter- and intrapersonal competencies by assessing 12 specific factors related to emotional intelligence.

Target audience: All profiles
Questionnaire: 95 questions
Time: 15-20 minutes
Languages: English
Training: Certified training
Key features:
  • Provides norm-based EQ scores (in the same fashion as IQ tests)
  • Measures social desirability
  • Summarises a candidate's ’motional profile
  • Gives advice on how to improve weaknesses
  • Social desirability indicator
  • Standardised EQ Score
  • Graph for at-a-glance analysis
  • Summary of the candidate's profile
  • Personalised comments on each factor
  • Candidate match with the 5 dimensions of EI