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Business English Test Detail

In today’s business environment, a lack of English language skills could has a serious impact on candidiate's employability and competitiveness. The Business English Test allows you to objectively assess a person's ability to understand and communicate in English, especially in a business situation.

It evaluates the candidate’s English knowledge on 3 levels: reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar.

Target audience: Students, candidates, professionals at all levels
Questionnaire: 60 questions
Time: 40 minutes
Languages: English, French, German, and Spanish
  • Assesses three aspects of English language: Reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar.
  • Scored out of 20
  • Provides answers to the questions
  • Overall score out of 20
  • Graph
  • Score for each of the dimensions - Reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar
  • Comments section (this part can be deactivated, if required)